How to Avoid Escort Scams

It will come as no surprise to either a seasoned regular escort user or a newcomer that there are plenty of scams operating in the industry. Spotting many of them is pretty easy but there are always some inventive new schemes that crop up that can take us all by surprise.

There are some men who wont be too discerning when it comes to the services of a prostitute as long as any woman shows up for an out-call; however, we believe that business is business and you should always get what you pay for. Satisfaction in the sex-trade is just as important as good customer service anywhere else.

Whilst many escorts offer a legitimate and straight-up service we’ve put together a quick guide on how to spot scams and how to avoid them.

The Bait & Switch

How to avoid escort scams and tricks

This common practice is one of the oldest tricks in the book.

The basic premise is that an escort uses pictures of an attractive women to lure men into contacting her. Then, a different woman shows up on your doorstep (or if its in-call, a different woman at the contact address).

When you find an escort online with contact details then it’s a relatively easy thing to do to Google the contact number and see what other ads turn up.

It’s not uncommon for the same escort to use several fake profiles to bait men wanting all different kinds of women.

If the contact details for the escort you want to use show different ads and profiles then the chances are the women you will meet is none of these. Our advice is to scratch that particular escort and start searching again.

If however, you get to the point when she shows up or you show up to her door and she isn’t the same woman then still avoid using her.

The point here is that she has deceived you in order to get your business and she may well deceive you on other matters too. It doesn’t matter if she is attractive, conclude the business before any money changes hands.

Partial Pictures

Be wary of any escort who only uses profile images of one particular part of her body.

It can mean that she has something to hide or that she is setting you up for a bait and switch. Photos of just a hot ass can be arousing but are difficult to I.D. as the legitimate service you think you are getting.

Likewise, a pair of hot tits is no guarantee that your escort has a face you want to get a blowjob from. Try and make sure that the profile of the women you are hiring has shots from all angles and that you are satisfied with what you see….and who shows up to provide it.

However, do be aware that many escorts require anonymity and as such their faces may well be obscured. This may not mean that they are fraudsters but merely needing to be discreet.

“I’ve left something in the car…”

This ruse is employed on out-call clients and is usually very plausible.

You pay her upfront as agreed and just before things start to get going your escort remembers she has left something vital in her car; a saucy item of lingerie or allergen-free lube/condoms.

She leaves her phone with you so that you can ‘trust’ her and then nips to her car. The problem is that she has left a cheap, pay-as-you-go handset and then she does a run with the money.

Keep an eye on them at all times

With escorts who employ the cut and run routine they may well also have stolen something else from you before leaving.

The usual ploy is that they arrive a little late and ask to use your bathroom as soon as they arrive. On the way they pocket anything they can easily lift (watch, trinkets even aftershave) and then deploy the cut and run.

Even if they stay to complete the business at hand, you should always be wary about leaving anything of value around the house when you have an in-call from an escort you haven’t used before.

Changing the goalposts

A classic trick of many an escort is to arrive at an out-call after services and fees have been agreed only to complain that she doesn’t perform that particular service.

She may well flat out refuse your request or demand more money. Either way, don’t pay and ask her to leave. Don’t offer to pay for her travel costs.

You may well find that this is enough to make her change her mind and stick to the original agreement. If you are arriving at an in-call and the goalposts change then the same advice stands; leave without paying and go somewhere else.

Use sites that have peer-to-peer reviews

There are plenty of websites that allow users to rate and provide feedback on particular escorts; though most of these women will charge a premium you can at least be certain that she is reliable and that she will not show you up, let you down and you will get your money’s worth.

The final word on escort scams is to trust your gut instinct; if you feel that something is wrong then terminate the transaction as quickly as possible and before you get too far in.

At the end of the day paying for an escort can be expensive and you should always be confident that you get what you pay for.

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