Why They Say: “Never Date An Escort”

Would you date an escort?

It’s easy to see why some men find themselves more than just physically attracted to their private companions. But every punter is told: never date an escort.

Why is this? Well, there are a few good reasons…

Dating Escorts: Is It Always a Bad Idea?

Advice for Escort Dating

Advice for Dating a Sex Worker: Is it a bad idea?

Many working girls are talented, interesting and sociable women who give more than just a GFE to their clients.

The crossover with sleeping with an escort and falling for one happens to quite a few men.

The problem is that escorts are professional working women who are paid to make their clients feel special. They may well have their favourite clients who treat them better and may even have a soft spot for a few who they genuinely get on with; however, the relationship you have with a call girl is a business transaction.

It’s worth repeating: a business transaction.

Dating a sex worker is just that.

You pay her and/or her agency for sex. The better she is at making you feel special and comfortable then the more likely you are to treat her well, pay her extra and request her services again.

Rarely, things can develop and, if the feeling is mutual and you are tempted to date a hooker then consider some advice on why (most of the time) it won’t work out.

Why They Say: Never Date an Escort

First of all, the big green eyed monster; jealousy.

There is no getting away from the fact that, not only does your new girlfriend have a past but, if she continues working, she also has a present.

There are not that many men, however enlightened you think you are, who can tolerate the constant pressure of comparison. Most guys feel uncomfortable knowing their dates have slept with as many partners as they have but magnify that feeling a hundred times over.

She may say that she isn’t judging your performance in the bedroom and she probably speaks the truth when she says she’s had ‘tiny’ guys or those that lasted only a few seconds. The flipside is that she’s also had bigger guys and, probably, guys with stamina and moves you could only dream of.

Secondly, sex, for her at least, is not just like a busman’s holiday, it’s her job.

Sex workers can find it difficult to flick between the game and off it.

Unless she has a voracious appetite for sex, the last thing she wants to do on her day off or after work is have more sex. The upside is that she understands men and knows that its important and probably has plenty of tricks up her sleeve to make you come hard and fast but it’s not as big a deal as it is for you. The experience of men who date escorts is that they crave affection, attention and tender lovemaking over passionate sex.

Another thing to consider when dating an escort is to understand the reasons they took their line of work in the first place.

For some women, prostitution is a result of a lack of education and better job prospects whilst for others it’s a way of making a lot of money quickly (which they can just as easily spend). The reasons vary significantly and can include personality disorders like bipolar, ADHD and social anxiety.

You may be biting off more than you can chew unless you understand what motivated them to make a living from being paid to have sex with men.

Yes, that is a huge generalisation. But it is a question that will likely gnaw away at you. If not now, when the honeymoon period wears off…

Women who make a living from having sex with men often have very different lifestyles to regular Joes. They keep unsociable hours and are used to entertaining all night and into the early hours. The practicalities of having a relationship with someone who works those kind of hours is hard even if they were a regular shift worker.

Falling In Love With An Escort: Setbacks and Failures

Help, I’m falling for an escort!

You’d be surprised how many men look beyond the initial difficulties of dating a sex worker. For many, the feelings of desire and passion are worth it.

If you are able to overcome all of the above then you will also have to deal with feelings of concern and your protective instinct.

Plenty of escorts put themselves in danger when they meet new (and particularly unvetted) clients. Not only is there a risk of violence but also of infection; condoms aren’t 100% effective.

If you have fallen for a woman who does this on a regular basis then you could find the strain of your wanting to protect her to be a stretch too far.

The trust issue works both ways.

Most escorts have been around plenty of men and understand their nature far better than most women ever could. It is hard for working girls to trust men, particularly when it comes to matters of the heart and relationships often end as a result of her distrust rather than yours.

Dating an escort can be a weird thing in itself, even before you get to the bedroom.

There are a few guys who have been on dates with their new girlfriend only to find out that she’s a mini celebrity amongst their peer groups. Knowing that your friends have all had a go might make you see the relationship in a different light.

Finally, for all the weird and wonderful new tricks you might learn with a professional escort for a partner the odds aren’t stacked in your favour. Jealousy, mistrust and concern are just three of the reasons relationships like this don’t work out. But especially so if she is still in the game.

Remember, love affairs with a hooker don’t often have a Hollywood ending and, inevitably, the strain of a relationship with an escort is too much for most men to handle.

Are there exceptions?

Yes, absolutely.

In fact, we’d bet that a few readers would love to ram these words down our throat with stories of how they’ve dated an escort and created a happy long-term relationship.

If that’s the case, let us hear your stories below.

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