A Guide to Montreal Hookers and Street Prostitution

The second largest French speaking city in the world, behind Paris, Montreal has a very European culture and is home to 1.5 million people.

Colloquially known as the City of Saints, Montreal has recently been dubbed Canada’s answer to Las Vegas due to the rise in the number of strip clubs and massage parlours, plus the inevitable hookers and call girls. Though the city lacks some of Vegas’s big lights and big names there is no doubting that there is a hedonistic appeal to the nightlife akin to Sin City.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at the seedier side to that hedonism: chiefly the local street prostitution, hooker hot spots and unofficial red light districts of Montreal.

A Guide to Montreal Prostitution and Working Girls

The Montreal Hookers Guide

The Montreal Hookers Guide

Prostitution is legal in Montreal in that selling sex is allowed but purchasing it is not.

In this way, prostitutes and sex workers are kept free from prosecution but getting clients has become more difficult over the years. Many hookers have taken to the legitimate profession of stripping or working in one of the 200 massage parlours in the city in the hope of getting ‘extra’ business.

However, there are still plenty of girls who work the streets for business or that you can procure services from in other ways if you are so inclined.

For obvious reasons, we do not recommend you seek out sex on the streets. It’s illegal, reckless and likely to land you on the wrong side of the law.

Despite the risks, many punters are still willing to try.

The Red Light District, Montreal

Historically the red light district of the city was situated on Saint Catherine Street and Saint Laurent Boulevard.

Brothels, cabaret bars and illegal gambling houses throughout the nineteenth century were all located around this intersection keeping street workers busy throughout an evening.

During the early twentieth century and through to the 1970s the district grew to accommodate an area around this junction as far north as Sherbrooke Street, south to René Lévesque Boulevard, west to Bleury Street with Saint Denis Street to the east. With changes in social attitudes, clampdowns on vice rings and the rise of the Internet escort, the area has once again shrunk with the original intersection being the main stand for night walkers.

The area is busy with bars and clubs and is a popular tourist attraction during the evening and day.

Costs of Street Prostitutes in Montreal

The price of a street prostitute can vary depending on how busy the night has been and the type of girl a punter approaches.

Reports suggest he can expect to pay a minimum of $50 for an hour and no more than $200 for the same time. This can be cheaper than the prices levied at the massage rooms or for a handjob at a strip club but do come at the risk of being caught soliciting and the inherent dangers of picking anyone up from the street.

(Needless to say, we don’t recommend it!)


There are plenty of prostitutes in the city who operate using classifieds on the internet to advertise their services. You can find their ads in plenty of the usual places including Craigslist, Locanto and Backpage; however, Montreal punters like to give back to the community and have launched their own review site of the city’s best prostitutes.

The Montreal & Maritime Escort & Massage Review Board is regularly updated by escorts and punters alike to provide an exceptional database of up-to-date information on how good individual girls are and how they perform.

The site also allows hookers and sex workers to advertise, which makes this a very current way to select a hot prostitute in Montreal — one who has been ‘vouched for’, if you will.

Many punters use the site to research on particular areas of specialisms as well as prices, availability and to get contact details.


There are also plenty of escort agencies that cater from the low end of a quick 30-minute hotel room session to an all-night, high-class GFE.

You get what you pay for.

Strip Clubs in Montreal

Some of the strip clubs in Montreal offer private experiences for guests during which extras can be arranged with the dancers of your choice. Not all will accommodate so it is worth researching before you go but at very least you should be able to get a handjob if not a blowjob during an intimate dance.

Payment is arranged with each dancer directly and the house turns a blind eye to what goes on in a private session.

This is an intricate and subtle business, to be sure.

You don’t want to go barging in to a strip club asking for handjobs. And you certainly don’t want to be comparing their dancers to prostitutes, sluts, whores, or whatever else you want to call your lady of desire…

(It’s a great way to get barred for life.)

Sex at Montreal Massage Parlours

The city has over 200 massage venues and the vast majority of them perform happy endings for clients with some light hand relief. There are dozens that will also accommodate full intercourse during a booking and include full naked body slides, oral sex and double hand sessions. It is worth checking out discreetly in advance to avoid disappointment.

Once again, see our erotic massage listings for Montreal.

Peep Shows

Finally, we have a popular trend in Montreal that is not quite ‘street prostitution’, but it certainly draws in lots of characters of the street.

The city has a dozen or more peep shows/erotic cinemas and are a novelty of Montreal. They usually attract street prostitutes outside as a means by which of securing clients. Be aware that these girls are usually on the lower end of the street shopping spectrum so any john is likely to pay over the odds for their services.

Are there any prostitution hot spots around Montreal that we have missed?

Any good stories or bad stories relating to any of the places featured above?

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