The Toronto Hookers and Call Girls Guide

As the most populous city in Canada, Toronto is only smaller than New York, Los Angeles and Mexico City on the North American continent.

In order to service such a large population, prostitution is big business.

It’s estimated that around 10,000 sex workers operate in the city with a further 4,000 hired by the escort industry. And, whilst prostitution is legal in Canada, brothels are not. So, where can you find a prostitute in Toronto?

Street Prostitutes in Toronto

Prostitution in Toronto

Before we continue, it’s important to point out that soliciting for sex, paying for sex, or even trying to, is illegal in Toronto.

We highly recommend that you stay away from the streets — not only is it illegal, but it’s considerably dangerous and reckless.

This doesn’t change the fact that it’s still pretty common.

As with any large city, the red-light district has grown and morphed through the ages.

From the roots of servicing dockside labourers down by the quays and spreading to the entertainment district, street prostitution in modern Toronto is widespread but not concentrated in any one location.

The city has its share of massage parlours, sex shops and adult cinemas and you can usually find street workers in the areas around these venues from late night onwards; particularly in Scarborough.

An area with plenty of sex shops, prostitutes tend to congregate in the streets around the bars and clubs after closing around Scarborough.

Whilst there is no section of the city which is specific to the trade, the Dundas and Sherbourne area as well as College and Jarvis remain popular with working girls.

The square formed by the corners of Gerrard/Jarvis, Jarvis/Carlton, Church/Carlton and Church/Gerrard streets and near to Allan Gardens is perhaps the most common location to be able to pick up a prostitute from the street.

Street prices reportedly range from $20-40 for a blowjob with full sex being anything from $40 to $10 depending on how slow a night has been and the girl in question.  

Be aware that street prostitution is under surveillance in many areas of the city.

Freelance Escorts in Toronto

Either working independently or for an agency most escorts advertise using the internet as well as classifieds in the free newspapers that are distributed on street vending corners.

NOW Toronto has been providing such backpage services since 1981 and is now the city’s most comprehensive adult advertising resource.

With sections on transsexual and male escorts as well as women offering fetish services, listings are also available online with photographs and contact details.

Similar classified websites exist such as Craigslist, Backpage and Locanto.

As with all adverts placed on sites such as these, do be wary of photographs that do not include full facial features or use the same mobile number across a range of adverts.  Scams are more prevalent on these free classified sites so caution is recommended.

Escorts do charge more than the average street prostitutes and you can expect to pay anything from $100-$500 for a full sex experience. Arranging an escort through an agency can also attract higher charges for some premium ladies.

Erotic Massage and AMPs

In addition to street hookers and escorts you can also seek the services of women who work at massage parlours.

Most of the places in Chinatown will offer a happy ending to your massage included within the $30-50 pricetag although many will charge for extras with full sex costing up to $200. Downtown and Dufferin Street are also hot spots for good massage parlours with a mixture of Eastern Europeans, Russian and Asian working girls.

One of the hottest, and most popular, massage parlours is the A&R Spa.

A sensuous and flirtatious venue, the women are of a very high standard and are well-versed in coquettish demeanours.

Management employ girls aged 18-30 from across Europe, Asia and both South and North America so they can offer a diverse selection of masseurs. Room fees start at $40 for half an hour with  minimum ‘tip’ of $40 and can cost up to $150 for two hours with a tip minimum of $110.

Strip Clubs

For a slice of eyes-only action then there are several strip clubs in the Yonge Street area where the occasional extra can be had by lucky guys.

There are no guarantees at these venues and it is outside of company policy to ask for extras but keep your eyes peeled ; there are plenty of reported cases of girls working ‘on the side’.

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