Welcome to the Canada Sex Guide

Welcome to our brand new Red Light Canada portal, the latest addition to the globe-spanning Red Light Network.

The Red Light Network was founded in 2013 to provide an accurate and up-to-date directory of local adult services in some of the world’s major cities.

We started in Sydney, before expanding all across Australia, and then in to New Zealand, Ireland, the United States and now Canada.

We’re breaking new ground with this portal as it’s the first that is designed to spotlight an entire country rather than just a city.

It will no doubt take many weeks and months for us to cover the whole of Canada… but we cannot wait to get started!

Your Source for the Best Adult Entertainment

Our mission is to provide the only directory you need for locating the best adult entertainment in town.

By adult entertainment, we are not referring to porn.

We are talking about the various aspects of the Canadian sex industry.

Red light districts for sex in Canada

Interested in Canada’s many red light districts? We’ll bring you the best of every major city’s night time entertainment

Whether you agree with the ethics of it, or not, this portal is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of Canada’s many adult services, such as:

Escorts and Private Companion Agencies — The agencies that specialise in connecting you to private companions for your dating and evening entertainment. We’ll also spotlight the vast network of freelance escorts taking bookings across Canada.

Local Sex Guides — We’ll answer, in simple terms, things like… how is the best way to get laid in Toronto? What is the cheapest way to get your rocks off in Montreal? Is there really a brothel on John Doe St?

Strip Clubs and Gentlemen’s Clubs — Canada has some first class strip bars and gentlemen’s clubs. We’ll bring you the very best of them with regular features and advice for planning the many different types of parties that are so popular with these venues.

Erotic Massages and Happy Endings — Need a body rub? Wink wink, nudge nudge. It’s an open secret that Canada has thousands of erotic massage parlors where men (and women) can receive pamper sessions with — let’s just say — a very happy ending.

It’s important we point out here… we are not affiliated to any of the services or agencies that are mentioned on this site. All of the info inside is provided for informational purposes only.

We are not recommending that you actually use any of these services.

While we make every attempt to ensure that the information is up-to-date and accurate, we cannot be held responsible for the actions or services of companies that are outside our control.

Likewise, it is your responsibility to follow local laws regarding the sex industry.

More Local Guides Coming Soon

We are launching today with coverage in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

Why these cities?

Pretty simple, really.

They are the three largest Canadian cities in terms of population size.

However, we aim to roll out new cities at a rapid rate until we’re covering the majority of Canada.

And we can’t wait to get stuck in!

Thanks for visiting Red Light Canada.

We look forward to making this one of the most comprehensive guides to sex in Canada on the web. We hope you enjoy it.

Check back soon for further updates, and feel to drop us an email if you have any questions or recommendations for content we should feature.


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