Nyotaimori Naked Body Sushi in Montreal

If eating dinner from a plate has become a little ‘passé’ for you then you might want to consider nyotaimori. The ancient practice of eating sushi from the body of a naked woman, body sushi is en vogue in Montreal.

Operated by Montreal VIP, the specialist company operating bachelor, corporate and VIP events and entertainment, Montreal Body Sushi is open for dinner in downtown via exclusive booking only.

In this guide, we take a look at what to expect from a body sushi evening and the cost of a package with Montreal VIP.

What is Body Sushi?

The Japanese art of Nyotaimori, known as ‘body sushi’ is said to have originated during the Samurai period as a way of celebrating a success in battle. Traditionally taking place in a geisha house, body sushi is, quite simply, the practice of eating sushi or sashimi off the body of a naked woman.

nyotaimori montreal naked body sushi

Plates can be so ‘last season’. Naked body sushi in Montreal is a fine art. Image via website.

Described by some as forniphila, food sex or a decadent ‘breastaurant’, body sushi attracts a lot of unwanted attention from feminists who believe the practice to be objectifying. As a result, the location of the Montreal venue and timings of an event are a closely guarded secret.

Certainly one of the weirdest ways to eat your dinner, nyotaimori is considered by many as a graceful art form. Far from being sexist, there are restaurants that practice nantaimori, the act of eating sushi from a naked man.

What about the models?

The role of a nyotaimori model is a well practised one and takes more than just being clean and good looking. The best models are trained in being able to keep as still as a statue for the duration of a full serving – usually three hours – and must remain silent as well as endure a chilled environment.

The models at Montreal Body Sushi are hand selected from a premium model agency and trained in the art of nyotaimori.

The company promotes the entertainment as an ideal package for a guy’s night out, divorce party, business meeting or bachelor event.

What’s on the menu?

Other than the sushi, nothing. This is an experience not to be mistaken for a ‘free-for-all’ and actually requires guests to stick to a strict etiquette, namely:

  • Food must be taken from the model using chopsticks only.
  • Talking to the model is not encouraged.
  • No inappropriate gestures or comments are tolerated.

How is the food served?

As far as the sushi goes, you can expect a traditionally prepared and elegant banquet. Montreal Body Sushi employs highly trained sushi chefs who create beautiful parcels, served on vine leaves so that no skin-to-fish contact occurs. You can find a sample menu online via the website.

naked body sushi canada

The only thing on the menu is the sushi and NOT the model. Image via website.

The model is thoroughly cleaned with an unscented soap and then showered in cold water to keep her skin temperature cool; this helps to ensure that the sushi stays chilled. Models are also depilated (de-fuzzed) so they are wholly smooth which makes for a more appetizing experience.

How much does it cost at Montreal Body Sushi?

An exclusive experience like this doesn’t come cheap and a standard VIP package for up to 17 people starts at $2060 plus taxes. However, for just over $120 per person this may not seem that expensive, particularly if you consider what’s included:

  • 3 hours in a private room
  • Sushi chef
  • Nyotaimori model
  • 2 courses of fine sushi
  • 3rd course of hot beverages and desert

If you would like to make your experience more premium then optional extras can be included at an additional cost, including:

  • Limo transport to and from the restaurant ($300 per hour for an 18 seater limo-bus)
  • Premium Saki ($75 per bottle)
  • Hotel accommodation
  • After meal entertainment at a local nightclub including private table and bottle service
  • Multiple models

How to get to Montreal Body Sushi

The venue is in downtown Montreal and details are provided once a deposit has been received for your booking. The address is kept private to maintain anonymity for guests and to ensure absolute discretion for the model and guests alike.

Events are limited and can be quite selective.

Getting in touch

If you are looking for a taste of something unusual in a five star setting, then you can contact Montreal Body Sushi using the details below:

Website: http://www.montrealbodysushi.com/
Phone: 1-800-371-1224

Email: Info@montrealvip.com


The company provide testimonials on request.

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