Mississauga vs. A Sex Doll Brothel

A bordello where the courtesans are robots?!

Yes, you read that right! Mississauga has become the first city in Canada to offer the services of a sex doll brothel. The route to launch has not been without controversy and Aura Dolls has already had to abandon its original plans to open in Toronto. And, after the eventual opening in Mississauga, City officials have been following up complaints that Aura Dolls contravenes local bylaws which restricts the number of adult businesses in operation.

In this feature, we take a closer look at what this adult venue in Mississauga offers as well as the controversy surrounding the city’s attempts to close this brothel down.

Aura Dolls: North America’s First Sex Doll Brothel

Originally due to open in Toronto on Yonge Street in 2018, the Aura Dolls establishment is the first known ‘brothel’ of its kind across North America.

ontario sex brothel canada

Incredibly lifelike, these dolls offer an alternative to more traditional (and illegal) ways to pay for sex.

The company sells sex dolls but also provide a ‘try before you buy’ service where guests can pay to spend private time with one of their silicone ladies.

Unfortunately, local bylaws restricting the operation of venues offering adult services meant that the brothel had to be relocated before it managed to open. A shame for shoppers in Toronto where the brothel was due to open in a strip mall!

After a year or more of looking for a suitable venue, the business was then moved to Mississauga where it eventually opened under new ownership in November 2019. However, Aura Dolls has continued to face controversy.

Yet again, bylaws in the city may mean that the business is forced to relocate.

According to the City of Mississauga, only nine adult businesses may operate in the town and this quota is already filled. As a result, Aura Dolls is facing charges of operating unlawfully and without a license. At the time of our review, there is no confirmation as to how, and if, these charges have been settled but failure to comply with the City’s regulations could result in fines of up to $50,000, one year imprisonment and, of course, the brothel being closed down.

aura dolls sex doll brothel mississauga

The reception space at the Aura Dolls cyber brothel.

Sex Doll Brothels

Though Aura Dolls is the first such business operating in North America, the concept is not new globally and both Europe and Asia have similar services available. In fact, there are so many venues of this kind opening up around Europe that many people in the industry are predicting that this will be the future face of prostitution. Of course, in parts of Europe where the sex industry is fully legalized and regulated, this is causing significant controversy among the community of sex workers.

Also known as cyber-brothels or sex robot whorehouses, sex doll bordellos certainly offer an alternative to traditional means of prostitution which many people can see the benefits of.

Moral Concerns

Since opening last year, the business has reportedly had thousands of happy customers through its doors and despite the legal issues faced with City authorities, Aura Dolls seem confident that there is a future for their business model in North America.

In most parts of the continent sex work is illegal and brothels of this kind which do not employ humans but utilizes technology, concerns about trafficking, coercion and violence towards women are removed. For some, this gray area doesn’t solve the moral dilemma but, instead, represents other ethical issues including the subject of ‘dehumanization’.

The owners at Aura Dolls are quick to point out that they do have rules for the hire of their dolls which includes no rape fantasies or hitting of their silicone ladies.

The ‘Girls’

The website claims:

Giving a realistic sensual experience with a girl who is made just for you!’

aura dolls sex doll brothel ontario mississauga

Clients can choose which doll they want to spend time with.

The Aura Dolls brothel currently has a selection of six dolls available to hire or for private sale which cover a diverse range of ‘looks’ and ‘types’.

  • Anna – ‘Busty, romantic and spontaneous’. This 22 year-old Japanese love doll has dark brunette hair, brown eyes and an incredibly busty 32H-24-36 figure.
  • Erika – ‘Young, gorgeous and sweet’. A ‘local’ girl, this 23 year-old French Canadian silicone courtesan is a slim and submissive type who prefers older gentleman (32B-24-36).
  • Harper – ‘The perfect girl next door’. Another Canadian, Harper has Irish roots but has lived her life in a small Northern town. She is a petite doll at 32C-23-35 with blonde hair and hazel eyes.
  • Jazmine – ‘Exotic faced angel’. A Colombian, Jazmine is a light skin ‘girl next door’ type who makes for excellent girlfriend material. She has a slim and natural body at 32C-24-36.
  • Scarlett – ‘The absolute American dream’. Aged 24 with a busty yet slim 32DD-24-36 body, blonde hair and blue eyes, Scarlett is a platinum goddess who is ‘intrigued by roleplay’.
  • Yuki – ‘Submissive, innocent and playful’. A 5’ 5” Korean sex doll with a petite but perky figure, Yuki is one of the best-selling Asian dolls and has classic features.

All dolls are constructed using TPE silicone over a steel skeleton with movable joints. Heights and weight vary but are in the region of 170cm and 34kg. They are each equipped for oral, anal and vaginal intercourse with varying depths for each orifice.

Will the sex doll brothel survive? Will it be booted out of Mississauga? Only time will tell, but it’s certainly an unusual adult business to legislate for!

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