Ottawa Escorts

Please note: Due to changing industry regulation, we are no longer able to list any of the escorts or agencies that are in operation around Ottawa.

What kind of city is Ottawa?

With almost a million residents, the capital city of Ottawa is one of Canada’s largest municipalities. The average age of residents is just 39 years old and marks the city out as being young and vibrant by national comparison. One in five residents are foreign born with the majority of these being British, Chinese or from the Lebanon. The city also has a large Asian and Arab community as well as Latin Americans and Filipinos.

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When O Town wakes up, everyone wants to play

The city has one of the best nightlife experiences on offer in Canada and provides a diverse range of clubs, bars and cultural pastimes. When the sun goes down, Canada’s Motor City wakes up to the vibes of nightclubs like The Mercury Lounge, Zaphod Beeblebrox or Barbarella’s VIP Cabaret. You can catch a striptease at one Ottowa’s many strip clubs including The Nuden, The Playmate, Tease Incorporated or Club Pigale.

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Catch a strip show at The Nuden. Image via website.

Where are all the call girls in Ottawa?

Canada changed its laws on prostitution in 2014 making the sale of sexual services legal but totally prohibiting the purchase. In fact, pretty much anything surrounding the transaction of sex is now illegal in Canada including discussing the sale of it, in some instances advertising it and certainly buying it. Yet, it is still legal for an independent escort to sell her companionship. This means that advertising for call girls in Ottawa can be a grey area.

Most escorts use the internet to advertise their services and use a range of classifieds, directories or personal websites to do this.

There are strict guidelines, however, on the advertising of these services and we have made the decision to discontinue the publication of any such links to third party agencies or service providers.