Sex in Vancouver

As the largest metropolitan area in Western Canada, sex in Vancouver is generally pretty easy to find.

The latest round of prostitution laws, passed in 2014, mean that it is illegal to buy sexual services but legal to sell them. As you’d expect, this has done practically nothing to squash the age old exchange of money for sex around Vancouver.

In this guide, we’ll go over some of our top features on the Vancouver sex scene. We’ll also answer a few of your questions regarding prostitution, hookers and use of the classifieds and personals.

Let’s start with three of our most comprehensive guides.

3 Guides to Adult Services in Vancouver

Guide to sex in Vancouver, British Columbia

Your guide to sex and adult services in B.C.

Looking for a certain type of adult service?

Below we have three guides to help you understand the local Vancouver escort scene, the well-known erotic massage parlors in town, as well as some of the top gentlemen’s clubs in British Columbia.

Vancouver Strip Club Guide — Planning a big bachelor party? Need the ideal bar to host a wild night surrounded by B.C’s finest strippers and exotic dancers? Whether you’re planning a party, or a ‘quiet’ night out with some friends, these strip bars are worth checking out.

Vancouver Adult Massage Guide — We’ve published a complete guide to Vancouver’s many sensual massage parlors. In these venues you can receive a sexy body rub, a hot body slide, and more. Take a look at our list of Vancouver’s nude and erotic massage parlors and book up some sweet relaxation.

Vancouver Escorts Guide — Here we have rounded up some of the premier adult services in British Columbia. What better way to experience Vancouver than in the sexy private company of a stunning VIP courtesan? Vancouver has some beautiful call girls providing experiences that will leave you well and truly satisfied.

Each of these articles is updated regularly, so be sure to bookmark for future reference.

Local Prostitution and Hooker Hot Spots

How much does a hooker cost in Vancouver?

This depends on what you define as a hooker.

We’ve been asked what a ‘street whore’ costs in Vancouver and, predictably, there is no fixed menu of prices. If you’re cruising some of the poorer parts of town, like Main and Hastings, there’s little in the way of a market bottom.

Oral sex might cost you as little as $25-$40, whereas full service could be as low as $50-$100. It’s well know that street walkers around here can be poor and drug-addicted, which lowers prices further given the supply and demand chain.

We think it’s a pretty bad idea to use a street prostitute anywhere, but particularly in Vancouver’s red light district.

The next tier of ladies, in terms of price, is those working in massage parlors (many of them Asian). A number of Vancouver’s asian massage parlors are effectively mini-brothels. Some will even advertise full service as opposed to the cost of the massage.

These establishments have a variety of extras, from the traditional happy ending handjob, to oral sex, or full sex. Prices are often kept hidden, since the venues stay legal by operating in the boundaries where anything that happens is merely consensual sex between two adults.

A good gauge of prices is normally proximity to downtown and the business district, as well as the general quality of the premises and ladies. Expect to pay more if you are passing through an area that is seen as a businessman’s work route.

At a similar price to the massage parlor girls, you have the many many prostitutes advertising their services on the classified sites, such as Craigslist and Backpage.

We’ve got a section on this below.

The marketplace of the Internet also drives down prices for the client.

Next price tier up is the more established freelance escorts and call girls working for escort agencies. These ladies will typically charge $250+ per hour and upwards. That’s just for her time.

The additional cost of extras can make this transaction rather expensive, but it is the preferred option for men seeking discretion and a higher calibre of lady.

Finally, you have a price tier reserved for VIPs, celebrities and executives with money to burn. There are several escort agencies, and a couple of very established elite independents, that can afford to charge thousands for what is considered the best quality private companions on the market.

This isn’t so much hiring an escort as hiring an experience.

Some men will happily pay $15,000 to spend a weekend with one of Vancouver’s top courtesans. Indeed, some celebrities might spend that in a single evening to have more than one of them delivered, in discretion, to their hotel room.

You’ve probably heard many such scandals in the press of celebrities cheating, or sports stars batting away from home…

Any attempt to quash prostitution in Vancouver will inevitably fail. The market is too huge, and it spans all corners: from cheap street walkers, to women that you’d recognise on TV.

We cannot endorse the behaviour, or prostitution, obviously, but it is widespread. One click on Google throws up a myriad of adult services in the Vancouver region.

Vancouver Brothels

Brothels in Vancouver are illegal.

You won’t find any of the European or Australian style palaces with beautifully decorated rooms and a lineup of stunning prostitutes to choose from.

Not legally anyway.

Some sex workers will go in to business together with a shared apartment that acts as a makeshift brothel.

They will alternate use of the premises as and when bookings come up.

These studios and apartments are particularly common downtown where businessmen can come and go as part of their workday. That said, they are not what you might traditionally think of as a brothel. It’s more of a private apartment that is discreetly used for sex; with only ever you and the escort present.

Many of Vancouver’s erotic massage houses could also be classified as brothels given the extras that are exchanged there. But again, they will not have the same brothel style services, like waiting rooms, or any of the luxuries seen in countries where the bordello has become a spa-like retreat.

Finding Sex on Vancouver’s Classifieds and Personals

Vancouver is home to a number of classifieds where adult services are openly traded — both free, and paid — between consenting adults.

While it’s certainly possible to find free sex on these sites, please note that the web makes it very easy to fudge the small details.

Seen Catfish?

We think it’s probably safer to be paying for sex than optimistically assuming a stunning woman wants to get laid online, for free, just because your listing gave her the tingles.

In either case, check out these popular classifieds:

Craigslist Casual Encounters — The Vancouver Casual Encounters on Craigslist is like a melting pot of the seedy, the desperate and the stunningly gorgeous but only-at-a-price. There is no doubt that you can get laid using Craigslist. But to say that your mileage may vary seems too obvious to us. God knows what you’ll find on here…

The Georgia Straight — Both the free mag and the online classifieds are littered with thinly veiled hookup requests. Some of them in the form of free casual encounters, others quite blatantly from escorts.

Backpage — The most popularly traded services on Backpage are rooms for rent and sex. Says it all really. These classifieds contain plenty of escorts, independent masseuses and fetish clubs. Only a small handful of no-strings-attached sex adverts though. Generally a bit of a sordid affair.

LeoList — A Canadian clone of CraigsList that has sections for adult services as well as personals. Various female companions listed here, as well as male and trans escorts.

That rounds up this Vancouver sex guide for now.

Check our blog for more updates on the sex scene around British Columbia.