The Complete Canada Escorts Guide

Please note: Due to changing industry regulation, we are no longer able to list any of the escorts or agencies that are in operation around Canada.

We’ve put together a complete Canada Escorts Guide giving you the legal standing, prices you can expect to pay for an escort as well as some general information on the industry.

From a budget date in your hotel room to a luxury weekend of high-class courtesan companionship, we’ve got it all covered.

Everything You Need to Know About Canada Escorts

Is Paying for an Escort Legal in Canada?

Since Canada’s new prostitution laws came into effect in December 2014, criminalizing the act of paying for (or profiting from the sale of) sex, the waters around escort work have become murkier.

The law, designed to support sex workers by legalizing prostitution, are instead causing some confusion.

Traditionally, escort services have been set aside from prostitution by distinguishing between paying for time and paying for sex. Escorts are technically viewed as a means and method for an adult to pay for the services of a companion; if mutually consensual sex happens as a result of the time spent together then this is outside of the prostitution laws.

So, the short answer is, no; paying for an escort for companionship services is totally legal in Canada. Paying for a prostitute to have sex with you… is illegal.

However, neither an escort or a prostitute is at risk of prosecution if she agrees to have sex in exchange for money.

Clear…as mud?

What Kind of Prices do Canadian Escorts Charge?

As with anywhere you hire an escort, charges vary depending on where you engage the escort from with agencies tending to charge more than independents.

You will also pay more for VIP escorts that offer high-class services than you would for a basic out call from an escort found on a classified site.

It will also depend what kind of services you are expecting to receive; a standard full service will be lower than if you have specialist kink requirements.

At the bottom end of the market, you are likely to be able to find independent escorts through the that will charge as little as $100 for an hour with a quick call for less than $80. Premium services are being charged at anything over $500. The average rate of an escort for an hour is in the $300-$400 region.

At the very top end you can find escorts who are charging up to $3000 for a single ‘date’.

What’s Special about Escorts in Canada?

Canada has an international reputation for its multiculturalism and the escort scene here in Canada is no different. Whether you are in Toronto, Vancouver or Ottawa, you will find escorts from almost every area of the world.

Asian girls, Latino women and Europeans all rubbing alongside the demand for our very own, homegrown North American ladies.

Known for their casual and laid back attitude, Canadian escorts are very ‘accommodating’ and friendly. There are many well-known premier escort agencies that charge top dollar for repeat clients requesting the services of Canadian women who provide excellent GFE.

Top Canadian Escort Agencies

Previously we had a list of popular Canadian escort agencies on this page, however the way that the escort industry is regulated is changing. Any website that publishes such links must follow strict guidelines to ensure that only fully licensed providers are featured.

These changes are for the best, but they introduce some considerable overhead and admin.

As a third party blog, it’s not possible for us to stay on top of these requirements, therefore we have discontinued the publication of all links to escort or escort agency websites.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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