The Best Ways to Hook Up in Saskatoon

Looking for a casual encounter in Saskatoon and want to know where and how to hook up?

Though Saskatchewan might well be one of the worst provinces for adult entertainment in Canada, it does offer plenty of opportunities for singles (or adventurous couples) to hook up. From nightclubs, bars and online classifieds & apps, a casual encounter is far from impossible, if you know where to look.

In this guide, we give you a run down of the best places and ways to hit up the city of Saskatoon to improve your chances of hooking up. Of course, we can lead a horse to water but, it goes without saying that, you’ll still need to brush up on your best chat up lines to pull.

Saskatoon Singles Scene

Saskatoon is the largest city in Saskatchewan with a population of around 300,000 people in the larger metropolitan area. Though small when compared to metropolises like Vancouver, Toronto and Ottawa, Saskatoon is one of the youngest regions of Canada with an average age of just 34.6 years old (compared to the national average of 40.4 years old). According to the latest census data, over a third of the population are not married nor living common law with a split of 48,155 men and 53,610 women. That means the singles scene in Saskatoon should be stacked in favour of the guys with some good pickings of local ladies.

hook up saskatoon

A university city, Saskatoon has a lower than average age for singles. Image via Good Free Photos.

Of course, the city also attracts plenty of visitors both internationally and from across North America. Though Saskatoon doesn’t offer the same trappings as some other Canadian cities, it does attract plenty of large groups from across Saskatchewan including bachelorette parties.

There are plenty of hot spots to head to and most of these are at their most busy from Thursday to Saturday night. However, the singles of Saskatoon can also be found using popular apps (see below). For more adventurous ways to hook up, you might wish to consider the more alternative lifestyle of swinging. Known for being a couples activity, many swinging clubs also allow single men and women to attend on designated nights making it an almost guaranteed way to hook up.

Nightclubs and Bars

Despite the popularity of hook up apps and online classifieds, the best way to hook up is still the old-fashioned way and the tradition of meeting other singles in bars and clubs is alive and well in Saskatoon.

As a university city, the nightlife in Saskatoon can be pretty polarised into two camps; those bars and clubs that cater for the under 25s and those that are populated by the ‘older’ generation. Though this might include the 25-35s, it can often appeal to the over 40s too.

best ways to get laid saskatoon

The Colonial Bar is popular with university students for its cheap drinks. Image via Facebook.

We’ve selected our favorite spots to hit in Saskatoon where your chances of meeting singles is usually pretty good. Of course, how well you fare is down to your own pick-up lines and the shapes you can throw on the dancefloor; good luck!

Some are more popular for live music whilst others are sports bars or more clubby. It depends on what kind of atmosphere and environment you are looking for to pick up.

Classifieds and Personals Sites

The hallowed Leos List is still (just about) alive and kicking in Canada despite the fall from grace of sites like Backpage and the loss of personals sections from Craigslist. The site can still offer some connection opportunities for personals as well as casual dating although there are very few listings available in the Saskatoon area. Certainly, there are sections to post your own listing through including ‘Platonic Dating’ and ‘Men for Couples’.

hook up saskatoon casual encounters

Try Leo’s List for hook ups in Saskatoon but beware the professional escorts who charge for the pleasure! Image via website.

Plenty of Fish is another free personals site where you can often find members who are looking for something more casual as well as those users who might be interested in a regular meet-up. Of course, you can also find some more serious dating opportunities here too, depending on what you are looking for.

The following sites purport to offer a good selection of hook-up opportunities in Saskatoon but they often require a subscription or are modelled on a ‘freemium service’ (initially free but payment needed to access most facilities). The success rate of these sites has not been tested so do exercise some caution about their claims of user numbers:

Hook Up Apps

New hook up and dating apps seem to hit the market every week but none have gone the distance the same way that Tinder has. The popularity of the de facto standard app for casual encounters shows no sign of waning and this should be your number one port of call (or download) if you are looking for a hook up in Saskatoon. Easy, simple and quick to use, Tinder uses photos to tempt users into swiping right (indicating you find them attractive); if both of you match then you can start messaging.

saskatoon hook up apps

Tinder is still Canada’s favorite way to hook up. Image via Pixabay.

The key to Tinder is that it uses GPS data to connect users who are in a close proximity and only sets the wheels in motion for a connection if both parties agree to the match. Some apps lead you to believe that a match is imminent even if a user has been inactive for some time.

Of course, there are other apps available and most of these have good user numbers in Saskatoon:

  • Blendr – aimed at more introverted people who prefer to flirt a bit more before meeting up.
  • Flirt Buddies – using a profile as well as a picture to get more information on a potential match.
  • Bumble – a good app for one-night stands in Saskatoon but also used for more serious dating.
  • Affair Alert – Does what it says on the tin. If you are interested in a casual encounter with someone who is married or in a relationship for no-strings attached fun then this could be for you.

All of the apps are free to download for iOS and Android devices but some offer better functionality or ad-free services if you pay a subscription. There is some evidence to suggest that paid-up members also get better responses as their profiles are verified.

Speed Dating

Though there are no guarantees of a hook up at these events, speed dating remains reasonably popular in Saskatoon with regular events being held in the city. Mixers can be interesting and sometimes throw up several good connections, you can find a schedule of speed dating events via the Do Sask website.

speed dating saskatoon

Although there are no guarantees, speed dating can be a lot of fun. Image via Flickr.

Swinging in Saskatoon

Of course, adventurous couples, and select singles, might also be interested in exploring the lifestyle of swinging. Saskatoon does not have its own club but the nearby city of Regina (2.5 hours to the south-east) does host several parties each year for local swingers. You can find our full guide to the Regina Lifestyle Parties club here.

If you are curious about swinging and can’t wait for one of their parties then there are quite a few locals who advertise on popular swinging websites who are always looking for newcomers. Check out these popular swinger’s sites for more details.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons (Jay Van Doornum – Original Photograph, CC BY-SA 2.5)

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