Sex in Saskatoon

Looking for adult fun in Saskatoon?

The second largest city in Saskatchewan, Saskatoon is home to a population of just 271,000 people. With such a small community (and one that was founded on temperance just over a century ago) it is not as easy to get laid as you would find in the bigger Canadian cities of Montreal, Vancouver and Quebec.

However, there are a couple of options in the city and, in this guide, we talk you through the best places to look for adult entertainment in Saskatoon.

Prostitution in Saskatoon

Sex is legal to sell in Canada but illegal and as such you won’t find any organised brothels, red light zones or overtly advertised sexual services.

In Saskatchewan there is also a state-wide ban on licensed strip clubs which can mean erotic dancers who dabble in escorting look to other parts of the country to earn a wage.

With a small population of just over half a million people, the city of Saskatoon, at first glance, looks to be devoid of any personal services. However, you can find some street prostitutes working in areas of the city as well as hostesses in massage parlours who will provide more than just a happy ending. In addition, there is a decent range of escorts available.

Saskatoon Escorts Guide

Due to industry regulation, we are no longer able to publish links to the websites of escort agencies (or independent provider).

There are no escort agencies in Saskatoon and independent call girls mainly use the classified directories to advertise their services.

As ever with classified advertising, most sites do not have any verification process as ads are free to list. This can mean that quality is sometimes overstated with scams regularly being uncovered, particularly with regard to ‘bait-and-switch’. If you are arranging a hook-up using one of these sites and want to be sure that the woman you are meeting matches her listed images then ask her to text you a picture of herself holding a homemade sign with the date on (or something). This should help guarantee you aren’t likely to waste time on an in-call or be disappointed for an out-call.

Sex in Saskatoon

Saskatoon was founded in the late 19th century as part of the temperance movement in Canada and it has had long history of social purity. Women in particular have helped shape such towns, using the momentum of moral reform to garner support for gambling, prostitution and alcohol prohibition.

sex in saskatoon

Founded on a culture of moral reform, sex in Saskatchewan is becoming an endangered pastime. Image via Flickr.

As with many ‘dry’ communities, the abstention period wasn’t to last long and as Saskatoon moved through the 20th century, attitudes changed. With the focus being on sobriety alternative diversions such as sex became obvious and, with a large indigenous population of North American’s, a supply and demand market of prostitution soon established itself.

In modern Saskatoon, alcohol is once again an integral part of society and the community has turned its back on the founding principles of abstention. However, the city has begun to clamp down on the availability of adult entertainment venues with stripping licenses in Saskatchewan outlawed since 2015.

There are a few places to get serviced in the city but generally the sex markets are meeting the founding principles of temperance.


Brothels are not legal in Canada and there are none in Saskatoon. However, it is widely acknowledged by many law enforcement agencies and news reports that some of the massage parlours operating across the province do in fact provide the same services, albeit ‘unofficially’.

For obvious reasons, we cannot advise you here.

Swinging Clubs

There are no swinging clubs in Saskatoon but there are open-minded couples who meet for private events. If you are interested in swinging around Saskatchewan then you may be best off placing an ad through the community classifieds. Swinging Heaven has a good chat room service with personals section and covers much of Canada. Fetlife also has a good coverage for the lifestyle in Saskatoon or Adult Friend Finder.

Erotic Massage Parlours

With brothels being outlawed, many massage parlours operate a similar service remaining (and allowing their clients to remain) inside the law. Parlours provide private rooms in which they take a fee for the provision of ‘massage’ services yet the girls will accept ‘donations’ for extras. These ‘services’ are deemed to be mutually consensual acts between adults behind the privacy of closed doors.

As the money exchanging hands is not a fee but a donation (like escorting), it doesn’t constitute prostitution, though this is a grey area. Some salons will only provide manual relief whilst others are, to all intents and purposes, brothels.

We previously had a list of known erotic massage parlours, however due to licensing concerns we can no longer publish links to these services.

Needless to say… they are not hard to find!


Some independent masseurs/escorts offer erotic body rubs via classified advertising. These can be both in-call or out-call.

Strip Clubs

Licensed strip venues are not legal in the state of Saskatchewan, though exceptions are made for charitable and private events. To service the community of Saskatoon, a travelling strip club operates within the city.

Sadly, the closest place where you can catch some legal strip action is west to Lloydminster, Alberta. A small border town about a two-and-a-half-hour drive west on Route 16, you can find the Kooler Nite Club.

The Pink Champagne Girls

Providing erotic dancing and the atmosphere of a gentleman’s club to your private venue, the Pink Champagne Girls are a band of eight exotic dancers.

They bring along an entire package of equipment including the lights, sound, stage and pole offering fully nude dancing to make your event go with a bang. To date, they have played at stag parties, birthdays and even funerals.

Prices are available on request.

Street Prostitutes

As with most Canadian cities, there are no red-light districts in Saskatoon though there have been discussions about setting aside an industrial area where street prostitution is tolerated. Though selling sex is legal, buying it isn’t so there are obvious flaws with creating such a zone.

street prostitution saskatoon

You won’t find overt street prostitution in Saskatoon like you can in other places in North America but there are girls out there. Image via Wikimedia.

You are committing a crime if you take to the streets looking for prostitutes. Not only is it illegal, but it’s dangerous and contributes to many of the problems native to these hooker hot spots.

In short: We strongly recommend you stay away from the streets.

Sex Shops

There are a handful of sex shops in Saskatoon which sell a good range of novelty items, basic bedroom accessories, toys and porn. None are very diverse or offer anything beyond the vanilla with niche markets being met by the internet.

sex shop saskatoon

Selling a basic range, For Lovers Only is one of a few sex shops in the city. Image via Google Earth.

  • Positive Passions, 300 3 Ave S, Saskatoon, SK S7K 1M5
  • For Lovers Only, 250 Idylwyld Dr N, Saskatoon, SK S7L 0Y9
  • Lil’ Devil, 1620 Idylwyld Dr N #4, Saskatoon, SK S7L 6W6

Featured image via Pixabay.