Sex in Regina

Looking for adult fun in Regina?

Though Regina is the capital of Saskatchewan, it is the second largest city in the province and home to just 230,000 people. In spite of its diminutive size, Regina has a reasonably good sex scene though less varied when compared to other Canadian cities.

In our guide to sex in Regina, we take a look at the few options available for adult entertainment in the city.

Prostitution in Regina

A small community, Regina does have a prostitution scene but is very small by comparison to other cities in Canada. The main factor is the city council’s standpoint on granting adult entertainment licenses which, as of 2015, has been markedly very reserved.

Business owners (and residents) that share (or have shared) streets with a massage parlour or in an area where hookers are known to work have applied pressure to create an environment that is less than tolerant of prostitution.

Another factor is one of supply and demand and, in the current conditions, the demand for sexual services, of late, appears to have plummeted.

In the city, most prostitutes operate independently as escorts.

We strongly recommend you avoid engaging in any form of street prostitution, as it’s both illegal and dangerous.

Regina Escorts Guide

The majority of independent escorts use the classifieds to advertise their services. It is worth mentioning that free to advertise services like these do not offer any guarantees as to quality or authenticity of ads.

Whilst most listings are genuine, you should employ some common sense when it comes to responding to a profile. The usual scam is a ‘bait and switch’ where an escort uses photos of a different model in their ad so you end up with someone a lot less hot than you’d imagined. The typical way to avoid this is to ask the escort to text you a picture of herself holding a piece of paper with a word of your choosing on it.

Generally speaking, a full service with an escort in Regina starts at around $150 per hour with some charging less for in-calls. These rates do vary, and change with time, so always agree a price beforehand.

There are several active escort agencies in Regina, along with a handful of classified sites, however due to industry regulation, we cannot link to those services on these pages.

Sex in Regina

With a small population and provincial government laws that are clamping down on the adult entertainment scene, Regina isn’t the most jumping of cities. There are a couple of places that provide adult services and some street prostitution is still common, but generally residents and visitors are serviced by the escort scene.


Brothels are not legal in Canada and you won’t find any kind of bordello in Regina.

However, like much of the rest of North America, some sex workers provide full service whilst working in massage parlours around the city. This is usually as an ‘extra’, and will not appear on any advertised menu.

Swinging Clubs

Swinging isn’t huge in Saskatchewan with many couples preferring to head west to Edmonton in Alberta for parties and meet-ups. However, there is one group that runs swinging events in Regina a few times a year.

In between any events, couples (and interested singles) can use directories like Swing Lifestyle, Fetlife and Adult Friend Finder.

Regina Lifestyle Parties

swinging regina

Swinging in Regina is small but the parties are big when they happen. Image via website.

Running private parties for its Regina based lifestyle members, this club runs around 6-7 events a year.

Attendance is ticketed and must be arranged in advance with the club’s organisers. All guests are vetted with single men expecting a secondary vetting.

There are usually around 100 people at each event and they take place at a private address with hot tub.

For details on the latest admissions and pricing, refer to their website.

Erotic Massage Parlours

There are dozens of massage parlours around Regina but not all provide a happy ending service.

As with other Canadian cities, these body rub centres charge a door fee for the use of a room in which you will receive a massage from your hostess. Anything else that happens once the closed door is at the discretion of the masseuse and for which ‘gratuities’ are gratefully received.

We cannot link to the known body rub centres, but a quick look at Google reveals that there are many of them in operation. YMMV.

Strip Clubs

There are no strip clubs in Saskatchewan and Regina makes no exception.

The last strip club in the province, Dancers 2000, closed in 2015.

The best options if you are interested in experiencing a true strip club are to travel cross-border to North Dakota, U.S. or east to Manitoba (the nearest is at the Keystone Motor Inn, Brandon. If you head west into Alberta along Route 19/21 you will eventually hit Redcliffe and Bronco Billy’s Doll House.

Both of these Canadian venues are spit and sawdust ‘strip joints’ as are those found along the North Dakota border with Canada.

Street Prostitutes

There are no red-light districts in Regina; not like those you might find in Europe. However, there are areas where street hookers are known to operate.

street prostitutes regina

A rarity in Regina these days, you can find street prostitutes in Downtown after dark. Image via Flickr.

Current reported prices are around $30 for manual, $30-$50 for oral and $70-$100 for sex.

In general, street prostitutes are becoming a rarity in the city as more and more girls use the classifieds to secure business.

Bear in mind that both solicitation and paying for sex are illegal.

We strongly recommend you stay off the streets.

Sex Shops

As you would expect from a city that has a diminished adult entertainment scene, sex shops are also a little underrepresented.

There are three shops of note in Regina, all provide a reasonable selection of bedroom basics including toys, novelties and lingerie as well as softcore pornographic media.

sex shop regina

Based in Downtown, Love Plus is a central Regina sex shop. Image via Google Earth.

Featured image via Wikimedia.