Regina Lifestyle Parties: Swinging in Saskatchewan

Want to know what kind of lifestyle parties are being run in Regina?

The swinging scene in Canada is largely centered around the larger cities like Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver; however, Saskatchewan does have its own scene which is mostly organised by the Regina Lifestyle Parties group. This private, members-only club runs several parties every year that are attended by more than 100 people. With plenty of play and social spaces, the club is known for its hot-tub threesomes and plenty more besides.

In this guide, we take a look at the kinds of swinger’s parties that are hosted in Regina and what to expect at their events. We also cast our net a bit wider to find the details of other clubs and groups being run for swingers in Saskatchewan.

Regina Lifestyle Parties

The province’s capital city has a small population compared to other principal cities with around 240,000 people in the metropolitan area. However, the Regina Lifestyle Parties group also caters for many of the surrounding communities of Saskatchewan’s swinging population and events attract more than 100 members from towns and cities like Saskatoon, Prince Albert and Moose Jaw; members even come from Manitoba and Alberta to catch some of the action.

The group host private parties for which guests are required to pay a contribution to the cost of the event (see below) and where consensual sexual activity between adults is permitted.

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Regina Lifestyle Parties has members from across Canada. Image via website.


The group only meets every few months and do not hold weekly parties. As a result, the attendance is usually quite high with more than 100 people at each meeting. Members of swingers clubs that meet weekly or are open daily may find that some events are not well attended and can grow stale quite quickly.

Events at Regina Lifestyle Parties tend to be themed with a good level of attention paid to the detail of both dress code, venue and accessories (!).

Most events are held in Regina itself but the group also arranges getaways with the next such event being planned for Cancun in January 2019.

You can generally expect the parties to be held in conjunction of major dates in the calendar such as New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, Halloween etc.

You can find a full list of the upcoming parties on the club’s website.

What Happens at a Regina Lifestyle Party?

When you book your ticket (see prices below), you will be sent an e-ticket along with confirmation of the address and any dress code that is applicable. Some events are themed and the hosts ask guests to dress accordingly.

Regardless of the event, doors open at 9pm with guests being admitted up to 11pm after which the doors are closed.  Please note that you can leave at any time.

Guests will be booked in by the host and shown to a storage area where coats, bags and phones can be left safely and securely.

Usually, around 10pm, paid performers start the entertainment with some erotic dance and they usually stay on hand all evening to provide lap dances; however, they do expect tips.

From here on in, the evenings will pan out according to guests with sexual activity taking place in the many play areas. For those who do not wish to participate, there are social areas where no such activity occurs, but it is worth pointing out that many people, especially new members, are happy to watch the action and there is no pressure for anyone to do anything they aren’t comfortable with. Members respect a strict code of conduct and ‘No’ means ‘No’.

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Parties are ideal for seasoned pros as well as newcomers. It is well worth reading up on the code of conduct guidelines prior to attendance. Image via website.

In general, the first few hours are more erotic than raunchy but by midnight there us usually plenty of sex occurring throughout the venue.

Parties tend to finish by 3am and transport can be arranged for your hotel.

Although you can expect some light BDSM play in certain areas (spanking, bondage and blindfolding etc), more extreme forms of domination and BDSM are not allowed.

Guests should bring their own alcohol which is kept behind a bar that is manned by a bartender. You should label your drinks accordingly.

You should bring cash for tipping the bar staff and dancers as well as your own drinks. Snacks are provided but guests can also bring food. You should also bring along other accoutrements such as condoms, lube and other personal items. It is recommended that you also bring along a towel.

Who Can Attend a Regina Lifestyle Party?

All events are ticket only which must be purchased in advance by confirmed members.

Members must be aged 19-49 but can identify with any sexual orientation; however, whilst the club is welcoming of diversity, they are more focused on the ‘B’ in LGBT and the meetings are not really suitable for gay (or bisexual) men or the transgendered.

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Lifestyle parties in Regina can get pretty steamy and you can expect almost anything to happen. Image via website.

There is no strict policy on body type as with some of the more exclusive swinging clubs in Canada but the club organizers do ask for your BMI on your application form. There are no details available as to what their cut offs are for attendance to a party based on your body type.

Events are ideal for experienced couples as well as the new and curious and single women are always welcome. The number of single men is restricted at every event and are subject to secondary screening prior to attendance.

How Much Are Tickets to a Regina Lifestyle Party?

Tickets usually go on sale around two months before the date of an event and are currently (August 2018) priced as follows:

  • Single Women: $10
  • Single Men: $100
  • Couples: $50

You can pay extra for a hotel room and payment can be made through Interac email transfer or via PayPal. All tickets are sold subject to your membership being approved and your acceptance of the Conditions of Attendance.

Contacting Regina Lifestyle Parties

You can find out more about the events being planned and what to expect from a lifestyle party in Regina by visiting the website, or you can contact the organizers by email at

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Swinging in Saskatchewan

There are no other large-scale swinging clubs that run regular events in Saskatchewan but there are plenty of couples who are involved in the lifestyle who are open-minded, adventurous and looking for private parties to attend. Most of these tend to connect using online communities and forums such as:

Please note that all prices are correct at the time of our review (August 2018) but you should check the website or contact the venue for any updated prices.

Featured image via Regina Lifestyle Parties.

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