A Guide to No Strings Sex in Regina

Looking to get laid in Regina?

The capital of Saskatchewan, Regina is the second largest city in one of Canada’s smallest provinces and has a population of just 237,000 people in the greater metropolitan area. A diminutive city by comparison to Toronto, Vancouver and Ontario, the chances of a hook up here are considerably lower than in other parts of the country. However, if you know where to look and what to expect then you can greatly improve these odds.

In this guide we take a look at the various ways that you can meet up with singles in the Regina area. Some may be interested in a hook-up but many will not. For that reason, we’ve also given you some ideas about some other ways to hook up in the city including classifieds and personals, good hook-up apps as well as swinging.

Regina Singles Scene

Although the average age of residents in Regina (37.1 years old) is lower than the national average (40.6 years old), there is a big gender gap. The average age of men in the area is just 38.5 years old whilst for women this figure is 48.5 years old. That makes Regina far more of a cougar city than you’d expect!

ways to get laid regina

Regina is a small city which means the singles scenes is quite incestuous. Image via Wikipedia.

In common with lots of small cities, the singles scene in Regina is quite an intimate one. Anyone who is often not in a couple will be familiar with  the same old faces at regular bars, via apps like Tinder and through personals. It’s common for women to be well aware of who the ‘players’ are or, at very least, know a friend who can hook them up with one. For this reason, it is obviously worth pointing out that this diminished market for singles can catch up with you if you try and ‘fake it’. Get yourself a reputation in Regina and it will be hard to shake off.

The other thing that this kind of scene embodies is a love of new places to go, fresh people to meet and exciting things to do. You can guarantee that anyone new on the singles scene will be immensely popular and that new clubs and bars will be full for the first couple of months.

Lastly, as a university city, Regina does have a small population of students who pass through each year. A lot of them stick to the uni bars like The Owl (see below) but will also hit the clubs on a weekend. It is also common to see students during the happy hours or any of the city’s pubs during the week.

Nightclubs and Bars

For a small city there are still a lot of bars in Regina and one to suit most people’s tastes; from casual drinking holes to loud clubs and lots in between.

We’ve selected our favorite clubs, bars and pubs that cover a good range of nights out and that tend to attract a fair amount of singles. It is also worth repeating what we mentioned above; any new bars and clubs tend to draw crowds of singles who are desperate for new places to hit up. See a new bar opening and make plans to go within the first few weeks to scope the crowds.

best ways to hook up regina the lot club

The atmosphere at the Lot Club can get quite frisky and it is a high-energy, young club. Image via website.

There are a couple of other good nightclubs and bars in the city but tend not to be the greatest in terms of a singles scene. However, they are worth a try if the above venues aren’t yielding any results:

  • Noir Nightclub, 2415 11th Ave, Regina, SK S4P 2N4
  • Q Nightclub and Lounge, 2070 Broad St, Regina, SK S4P 1Y3
  • Lulu Lounge and Dance Bar, 639 Victoria Ave, Regina, SK S4N 0R2
  • The Fat Badger, 1852 Scarth street, Regina, SK S4P 2G3
  • Leopold’s Tavern, 2330 Albert St, Regina, SK S4P 2V7

For a bit of a wildcard we’ve thrown in the Casino Regina, it’s not the first choice for many singles but it does attract a few bachelorette parties and plenty of tourists plus there’s nothing like a well-presented high roller to attract the ladies. They put on some great live shows and the gaming isn’t bad.

single scene regina casino

The Casino Regina offers a way to get ahead of the pack and decent gaming. Image via website.

Lastly, the city has a lot of businesses and you can find single female travellers the city over in hotel bars. The DoubleTree by Hilton on Broad Street is usually a good one but be warned that bar staff won’t take too kindly to you becoming a regular. Best to hit one or two each month and not get your face remembered.

Classifieds and Personals Sites

Perhaps tired of the endless bar scene, many singles in Regina use sites like Plenty of Fish and LeoList.

Both are free to use and easy to both browse or post your own ad.

There are other sites that offer similar services and where you can find plenty of personal ads, some of whom may be interested in a casual hook-up:

Always be wary of those adds that promise a lot as some can be escorts who will charge you for sex. Likewise, whilst most sites will let you register a profile for free the premium services can be costly with no guarantees of a hook-up. Ensure that you sign up for a minimum period and that you have not opted in to extras like auto-renew or other paid subscriptions.

find singles in regina

In among the lonely hearts you can find some casual hook ups if you read between the lines. Image via Classified Ads.

Hook Up Apps

Tinder is still the most popular hook-up app around and this location based service is a good way to connect with people in your area who are interested in hooking up. Some people do use the app to meet singles for more serious dating so be honest from the off about what you are looking for. There is nothing worse than wasting each other’s time and, given how small of a community it is, a real no-no when it comes to your reputation.

There are a few other apps that are used in Regina including Bumble and Singles Around Me.

Swinging in Regina

Lastly, for a guaranteed hook-up you could always opt to be part of the swinging scene. If you have a willing partner then this will help as most swingers choose to swap but some clubs and many couples will also consider a single man (or woman) to be involved with their private play. The fetish of cuckolding (where a husband watches another man have sex with their wife) is rising in popularity with some couples inviting strangers to their home to video the act. Sometimes this is used online as part of an adult video network and, as long as you are prepared to do this, you could take part.

Regina Lifestyle Parties host regular swingers’ events during the year for pre-screened guests. They attract around 100 people to their parties and they come from across Regina as well as other parts of Saskatchewan.

swinging regina hookup

For an almost guaranteed hook-up, consider swinging in Regina. Image via Regina Lifestyle Parties.

Events are usually run every couple of months and tend to coincide with dates like Halloween, New Years’ Eve and Valentines Day.

You can find a more detailed review of the club in our full guide to ‘Swinging in Saskatchewan’, here.

Beyond this one group, there are no other organised clubs for swingers in the area with most active lifestyle members opting to meet up privately for swapping partners, threesomes and sometimes orgies. You will find that the following sites all have a good number of listings in the Regina area including those that are seeking a single man to be a part of their experience:

Featured image via Flickr.

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