A Guide to Casual Encounters in Winnipeg

Looking to get laid in the Peg?

Manitoba’s capital is a large university city and has a population of around 710,000 people. It is a culturally diverse place and is known as much for its cultural scene including art galleries, festivals and concerts as it is its nightlife. Attracting a lot of visitors both domestically and internationally, Winnipeg offers plenty of ways for singles to hook up either for a casual encounter or something more regular. But where can you find them all?

In this feature, we take a look at the singles scene of Winnipeg and give you some suggestions of places to hit up for a hook-up as well as some alternative ways to find a casual encounter.

Winnipeg Singles Scene

Winnipeg is one of a growing number of cities in Canada where women outnumber men which is perfect for single guys. According to research conducted by the University of British Colombia in 2014, there are approximately 22,000 more single women than single men in Saskatchewan’s capital city. That’s in addition to the latest census data which tells us there are a total of 84,805 women in Winnipeg who are neither married or in a common-law relationship.

So, where (and how) can you find all these extra single ladies in the Peg?

Singles scene winnipeg

Winnipeg is a colorful and cultural city with lots to offer. By night, the bars and clubs get busy with some having a higher proportion of singles than others. Image via MaxPixel.

Nightclubs and Bars

Winnipeg has a lot of great bars and clubs, each offering a distinct style of their own. From sports bars to comedy clubs, night clubs to cocktail lounges, the city has it all. So, where you head for a night out very much depends on the kind of singles you want to pick up.

We’ve categorised our best picks for meeting single ladies in Winnipeg into three categories; casual nights outs, night clubs and ‘wildcards’

Casual Nights Out

All of the above clubs and bars are well regarded for having an active singles market and offer a range of ways to get out to meet people. There’s a good selection of venues here, each offering something a little different from more casual watering holes to places that have live music, entertainment and even erotic bingo.

best singles bars winnipeg the nob

The Nob Bar is a laid-back and casual drinking hole and can be hit and miss for picking up but is a great place to have a drink and soak up the atmosphere. Image via website.


For more of a clubbing flavour then you could hit one of the city’s nightclubs. The atmosphere in these is more high-energy and are generally more popular at the weekends and late nights. Certainly as a university city, the nightclubs offer a less mature age range of singles.

best singles clubs winnipeg palomino

Clubs like The Palomino are often rich pickings for girls on the town. Best to hit them at the weekend. Image via website.


For a wild card, and for those searching for some additional fun, then you could always hit up the Shark Club Gaming Centre; more of a sports bar with a lot of electronic gaming than a casino, the venue can be a good spot to tail end some bachelorette parties.

The Fame Nightclub is also a really lively place to hit up on weekend; however, it is a gay club. Whilst this may seem an odd place to hook up if you aren’t interested in men, the friendly atmosphere, colorful entertainment and slamming tunes do attract a lot of all-female groups and not just those who are homosexual.  Club 200 is a similar wildcard but this gay bar offers karaoke as well. Be prepared to be hit on by a few guys and have your best A-game on when it comes to the way you make a move.

Lastly, the High and Lonesome Club is a live music venue that books some interesting honky tonk, country, folk and alternative blues bands. Whilst it might not seem like a great place for a single guy to meet single women, it has just been known to deliver. If you enjoy this kind of music scene then it is well worth a visit; you never know just who you might hook up.

Classifieds and Personals Sites

Plenty of Fish continues to be a popular online dating site in Canada and there are lots of listings in the Winnipeg area for both single men and women, gay and straight and some with interesting kinks thrown in for good measure.

The site is free to use and, although there are no guarantees, is a good place to start if you want to pre-arrange a date before heading out to the city.

Love Awake is another online dating site that gives singles the chance to check each other out before committing to a date. The site does have quite a high proportion of people who are looking for love but there are a good deal of listings where casual encounters in Winnipeg are on the cards. Again, the site is free to use.

Leolist is also a useful classifieds site for dating and offers a mix of categories to browse or post in. Whilst the casual encounters equivalent to Craigslist is now defunct you will find some good selections in bother the personals and casual dating sections. Be warned that there are some escorts who advertise on these services and it is not always obvious that they will want paying for their services.

get laid in winnipeg leos list

Using classifieds or personals takes some of the guesswork out of hooking up. Image via LeoList.

Hook Up Apps

Tinder remains the number one go-to app for casual dating in Winnipeg and the app is free to download for iOS and Android devices. Using location based services to provide details of likely matches in your vicinity, users get a series of pictures which they choose whether or not they are interested; swipe the profile to the right to indicate you are interested and, if they do the same, you get a match.

Once matched the rest is up to you. Of course, Tinder is used by plenty of lonely hearts but has become synonymous with the hook-up scene. Be prepared to put the time in to make these kind of opportunities work but, once you are established, you will wonder how you ever got laid without it.

Singles Events

There are quite a few events being run by various groups and venues across the city from formal mixers and mature mingers to dinner, drinks and a movie and ten-pin bowling.

Most of these are listed on the Meet Up website but be warned, some of the events are organised by Christian singles’ groups….not known for their love of casual sex.

Swinging and Sex Clubs in Winnipeg

Lastly, we bring swinging to the table. Not for everyone, swinging is usually an activity associated with couples who like to swap partners. However, a lot of clubs allow single men to attend events and plenty of couples are on the look out for someone to join in with a threesome, so it might just be worth exploring.

The main club in Winnipeg (Winnipeg Couples Social Club) is couple only so unless you have an adventurous partner who might want to taste some forbidden fruit then you will have to try one of these clubs instead:

  • Aquarius, 457 Notre Dame Ave, Winnipeg – an up-scale sex club and spa open 24/7 for members only. Plenty of play rooms over 7800 sq. ft. and including cages, swings, harnesses and hot tubs. An adults playground, Aquarius will leave you feeling like a kid in a candy store.
  • Winnipeg Sex Positive Culture Group – Promoting positive alternative sexual lifestyles, the group runs regular meet-ups and events including a fetish weekend. Whilst there is no guarantee that these offer any quick hook-ups, they can provide a useful way to network for finding alternative sex clubs, munches and like minded kinksters.
sex clubs winnipeg get laid

If you are up for some adventure and have an open minded attitude then the Aquarius sex club in Winnipeg offers a range of possibilities. Image via website.

Alternatively check out the websites below that offer ways for couples to meet up with other like-minded adults:

Featured image via Pixabay.

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