Sex in Winnipeg

Interested in learning more about the adult industry in Winnipeg, or ways to get laid for free?

Winnipeg no longer has a red light district as such but there are plenty of places in the city where you can find adult services as well as adult entertainment venues.

Here we take a look at the local sex scene in Winnipeg.

The Fading Red Lights of Winnipeg

Settled in 1738 and formally incorporated in 1873, the city of Winnipeg has had a colorful history with sex workers.

The original red light district on Colony Creek occupied the area surrounding Balmoral Street (just north of modern day Elice Avenue) and was active until 1883. As the 19th century turned into the 20th, trade moved west out of the city and off the streets into the brothels of Thomas Street. However, as the city limits expanded, the red light area was absorbed and also benefited from organic expansion westwards, stretching down what is now known as Minto Street. The borders of the brothels started in Maryland Street and eventually grew west to the river on Annabella Street and McFarlane Street.

winnipeg red light district colony creek

The original red light district of Colony Creek expanded west in the 19th century. Image via Spectator Tribune.

By 1910, most of the brothels had closed due to the occurrence of several violent crimes and the continued anti-social behavior in the surrounding areas by obnoxious (and often drunk) clients. Sex workers began to leave what was perceived to be the unsafe confines of the bordellos to ply their trade on the streets.

In the ensuing decades, the pick-up areas moved around the city from downtown to the Exchange District, Point Douglas and Main Street.

Current Street Sex Trade

There are many street prostitutes working in Winnipeg most of whom will take pick-ups by car and on foot. Some of these areas are notorious for crime and are less safe during the night-time.

Note, it is illegal to engage in street prostitution in Winnipeg. We recommend you steer well clear.

Sutherland Avenue Winnipeg street prostitutes

A notorious spot for prostitution on Sutherland between Main Street and Salter Bridge. Image via Flickr.

Many of the girls working the streets in Winnipeg are junkies and there are reports of robberies being attempted as well as undercover operations being run by the police.

Our advice is to stay safe, avoid street crawling, and if you’re going to seek some adult thrills – head online instead.

Erotic Massage in Winnipeg

Body rub centres (not to be confused with traditional holistic centres!) are the best place to get an erotic massage in Winnipeg.

From naked body slides, to nuru and tantra, there’s plenty of options to choose from.

There are also a few massage parlours in Winnipeg that offer happy endings with chances of a full service. Customers are expected to be discreet. All these venues are cash only and do not advertise as offering sexual services. Expect to pay a house fee with a ‘tip’ of up to $150 for any additional extras.

Escorts and Call Girls

Winnipeg has a large number of independent and agency call girls willing to pay you a visit or entertain clients at their premises. Many have their own websites, use classified listings or use directories if they are not registered with an agency.

Prices vary hugely depending on the level of service and calibre of date, but punters can expect to pay anything from $90 for a budget quickie up to $300+ per hour (or more for elite services).

We strongly recommend avoiding the local street prostitution scene. There are plenty of safer ways to find sex without running the risk of breaking the law, or endangering your safety.