Winnipeg Escorts

Please note: Due to changing industry regulation, we are no longer able to list any of the escorts or agencies that are in operation around Winnipeg.

What kind of city is Winnipeg?

Nicknamed the ‘Gateway to the West’, Winnipeg is Canada’s 7th largest city with a population of almost three quarters of a million people. A young and diverse city with over half of its inhabitants being under the age of 30, Winnipeg has a high proportion of Ukrainian, Filipino and Polish migrants (making up 32% of the ethnic mix).

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A city with a good night life, Winnipeg has plenty of companions to share it with.

Rich with culture, Winnipeg is Manitoba’s entertainment capital and has a wealth of nightclubs, bars and restaurants.

Is prostitution legal in Winnipeg?

Since the introduction of Bill C-36 in 2014, the grey area of prostitution in Canada got a lot harder to navigate. Introduced as a way to eradicate prostitution, the legislation criminalises the buying of sexual services and can result in maximum penalties of up to five years in jail; though cash fines are typical for a first offence.

In keeping with a lot of countries attitudes towards this kind of legislation, the focus is on those profiting from the trade in sex work. As such, the key is in the fact that it is illegal to buy sex but not to sell it. It is also legal to advertise your own services but not to advertise the sale of others. This places the role of classified directories in a very grey area.

As a result, advertising for call girls and escorts in Winnipeg is often more discreet and you will note that payment for services is often referred to as a donation for companionship.

Where are the escorts in Winnipeg?

As a result of the new law, call girls have become more practiced in the art of discreet advertising and escort agencies becoming all but a thing of the past.

Most escorts advertise as independents using classifieds or directory based websites with a few running their own websites.

Independent Escorts in Winnipeg

Most independent escorts tend to use the directories or classifieds to advertise their services. This is mainly due to the changes in the law effecting a clampdown on explicit advertising.

However, Winnipeg does have a handful of escorts who operate their own website pages.

Please note, in line with the changing regulation of the escort industry, we cannot publish links to third party services (either independent escorts or agencies).