Sex in Calgary

Looking for adult services in Cowtown?

The Stampede City has plenty of options when it comes to sex and we’ve got them all covered in our guide to adult services in Calgary.

In this guide, we take a look at the local adult industry, including the relevant laws and what is allowed vs what is not!

Prostitution in Calgary

The laws on prostitution in Calgary are clear; selling sex is 100% legal but buying it is not.

This means that the risk is on the john when making any transaction.

Of course, the reality on the streets is somewhat murkier with various grey lines where sex workers continue to attract clients.

Local Prostitution and Hooker Hot Spots

With as many as 3000 prostitutes working in Calgary, there are plenty of working women providing services around the city.

However, it is estimated that around 90% of sex workers are now working indoors and are no longer plying their trade on the street. This despite the changes in 2014 legalising selling sex.

street hookers calgary

Less prostitutes can be found on the city’s streets. Image via Flickr.

There hasn’t been an official red light district in Calgary since the brothels in the district of Riverside were annexed to Nose Creek valley in the early 20th century.

Because of the ready and cheap access to smartphones and WiFi, more and more prostitutes are advertising online and selling their services without having to leave the comfort of their homes. Not only is this preferable to hanging out on street corners but is also better business as solicitation and paying for sex remains illegal in Calgary.

How Much Does a Hooker Cost in Calgary?

Hookers take to the streets when business is slow through their online advertising channels (see classifieds and personals section below) and usually charge lower rates for a quick sale.

Calgary Brothels

Brothels are not legal in Calgary and you won’t find any licensed venues like you can in the United States cathouses.

However, the country’s prostitution laws are currently the subject of much discussion and it is becoming far more likely that reform is on the way.

It seems inevitable that brothels will soon become a fixture in cities like Calgary, Ontario and Toronto. So much so that brothel king pin, Denis Hof (owner of the Nevada Moonlite Bunny Ranch), has been keeping an eye on developments.

Hof has publicly stated that he would like to open brothels in Canada, first in Vancouver followed closely by Calgary and Edmonton.

All that being said, brothels do exist around the city with many operating as licensed body rub centres. Otherwise known as massage parlours, these centres get around the bawdy house nature of their activities by renting rooms to independent attendants. What goes on is between you and the masseuse, two mutually consenting adults.

carries vip erotic massage calgary

Get erotic massage at a body rub centre. Image via Carrie’s VIP.

You can find our guide to erotic massage in Calgary here.

Finding Sex on Calgary’s Classifieds and Personals

Calgary is covered by plenty of classified sites each with their own unique blend of personal advertisements. Whilst each has their own share of independent women looking for extra cash there are also many genuine ads that wont cost you a penny.

Craigslist casual encounters section is full to bursting with ads from the blatantly obvious escorts and paid services to the downright kinky and extreme fetishists. Somewhere in between lies the ordinary sex-starved housewives bored senseless by the lack of marital bedroom action and looking for a hook up. The key is finding them in amongst the other adverts and getting to them before some other guy.

The competition on Craigslist is fierce as us guys outnumber the girls at least ten to one so, the early bird will catch the worm. If you want to get lucky on Craigslist then make sure you hit up the casual encounters section daily and be persistent.

Locanto throws up some decent personals in the casual encounters every now and again but they are few and far between. As with Craigslist and Backpage, you will be competing with dozens of other guys so you need to have your A-game on when it comes to a slick response. The other thing that Locanto is good at filtering is by location and for couples, trannies and fetish encounters.

LeoList is a Canadian version of Craigslist which is being mainly dominated by escorts. However, the Calgary area has plenty of ordinary listings and are definitely worth a browse if you don’t fancy leaving your hotel room to find sex in the Stampede City.

AdPost is another classified site which has less listings but makes it easier to browse through. The Calgary area had fewer than 30 posts when we looked and all, teasingly, looked like the real deal. Worth a browse but make sure you select the right location before you get carried away.