The Best Casual Sex Websites in Canada

If you are looking for a booty call in Canada, then you need to know which websites to hit up in a hurry.

Search the internet for casual sex, friends with benefits or hook ups and you can find thousands of sites all promising the same thing. But, when it comes down to it, there are plenty of disappointed guys out there who spend time arranging dates online only to be let down, mislead or just fleeced.

In this guide, we take a look at the best sites in Canada for casual sex.

The Canada Casual Sex Guide

With all of the websites that we’ve reviewed and tested, the general rules to increase your success rate with hook ups are:

  • Commit to one site and use it regularly. Get to know its features and become a trusted member. Users who sustain a presence on these sites offer women some faith that you are who you say you are and that you aren’t a time waster or worse.
  • Complete your profile as fully as you can and make sure that you use the best pics you can find.
  • Don’t make everything sexual. Yes, we know, these are sites for casual sex but women also want to hook up with a person not just a sex machine.
  • Stand out from the crowd. The ratio of male to females on these websites are very unbalanced and not in our favor. To stand a better chance of being picked from the bunch make your profile stand out. If you’ve got a great body, show it off in your pics. Think you have a good speaking voice then upload a video (where you can). Be cheeky, be bold and be unique.

Lastly, your success rate will vary depending where you are in Canada. Based in a city like Montreal or Vancouver and you might get very lucky but out in the Yukon and, meh, maybe not so much.

Adult Friend Finder

We say: “A trusted and globally active site with plenty of real users, worth spending the money on and not that expensive for what you get.”

Adult Friend Finder has over 340 million users worldwide and one thing you won’t find on the site are fake bots or paid staff members trying to entice you to part with your cash. The site doesn’t need to work the field in this way to keep subscriptions up.

You can access the site for free to have a browse around but you will need to part with a subscription of $25-$50 a month depending on how you sign up. Premium features are worth having and will help set you up for better success in hooking up. As well as the community driven forums, content and contacts you can access live webcams on the site as an added bonus. There’s even an online sex academy where you can learn more about how to make a woman orgasm, improve your ejaculation and get the best out of anal sex.

The site has been modeled well and is a testament to its longevity that it is easy to use and has useful features that you’d wish they’d thought of and then find they have.

When it comes to finding a hook up for casual sex anywhere in Canada, Adult Friend Finder has it covered.

adult friend finder casual sex canada

Finding a casual sex hook up is made simple.

Established Men

We say: “A specialist site but a good option for readily available and plentiful hook ups.”

We’ve included this site as it can be a really easy way to hook up, but it’s not cheap and it’s not free. You can register for free but an upgraded membership is the only way to make the site really work hard for you. Subscription fees start at $79 for a month and give you more credits to contact the ladies.

It’s also not cheap because all of the women available are looking for a sugar daddy sort of arrangement; prostitution but not in cash, just expensive trinkets, meals and hotels.

The search facility is good and allows you to refine your results by physical features, age and location as well as being able to exclude members you’ve already contacted, who are available and online or are a new member.

The quality of the women is strong and though we know that there are reports of several fake users operated by the site itself to ‘encourage’ interaction, we also know of many genuine hook ups.

establishd men casual sex website canada

Get a booty call with a sugar baby. Image via website.

Free Hookups

We say: “A little misleading but there are some good contacts to be made if you are prepared to put in the effort and the $40 a month.”

First off, the site is not free; strictly speaking. When you sign up for access you are required to add credit card details to authenticate your age but, if you check the small print, your access to the site is only free for one day…that’s 24 hours. After this period you will be charged a monthly platinum fee of $39.95 until you cancel your subscription.

That out of the way, the site is actually pretty good. It’s got a slick style and is easy to navigate. There are tons of features such as free cam shows, live webcam chat and access to other members profiles, pics and videos.

The site reports that 20,000 new sign ups happen daily but if this is the case then we suspect most of these are men as the ratio (as ever) seems unbalanced in the usual favor against us guys.

There are several reports out there that suggest that the site has a very good hit rate and if a woman has paid up her membership to get laid via Free Hookups, you would hope so.

A word of warning though, there are paid users who work for the site who try to solicit attention from guys to keep them interested in staying as a member. No doubt, the owners are trying to keep their membership bounce rates down after the initial free sign-up period. It works to get people involved but we don’t condone it.

There’s no fooling around on this site with girls who are just looking for love or a cheeky text every now and again; what you see is what you get when you get a real profile.

free hook ups casual sex canada

Not entirely free, read the small print. Image via website.

Free Personals, Classifieds

Popular free personals sections on sites like Locanto, Backpage and Craigslist all operate across Canada from the major cities to smaller towns.

There pickings are pretty slim on all three but there are genuine users out there. Most ads tend to be posted by escorts looking for extra work but these are usually obvious either from the ad or from the first contact; even working girls don’t want a time waster showing up for some free sex.

The key to using any of these sites is to hit them daily and try to be the first to respond as genuine and new ads posted by women are snapped up quickly.

Don’t be discouraged by failure as getting lucky here is all about having thick skin and being tenacious.

What’s your favorite site for casual sex in Canada?

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