Mingle2 Review: Best Free NSA Dating?

If you are looking for a no strings attached dating website then you may have heard of Mingle2.

The site apparently offers an international service for single men and women looking either for a serious relationship or an intimate encounter. Code for a fuckbuddy, the site is offered for free with the option to upgrade to MinglePlus for premium features.

The free NSA dating site has mixed reviews online so we take a look at the pros and cons of this hook up service to give you the chance to decide whether it’s worth the effort.

What Does Mingle2 Offer?

An online dating site which allows users to quickly set up a profile with no verification process other than an email address, Mingle2 operates a global service. The site asks members to register their profile and their interest at the very outset, indicating their preference for what they want from the site, from dating to serious relationship or a casual encounter.

find women for casual sex canada

There’s a lot of women advertising on Mingle2 to suit all tastes. Image via website.

The quick registration, combined with the ability to select a no strings attached option for dating makes the site an ideal way to find local hook ups. Or does it?

Does Mingle2 Work?

Mingle2 has steadily been building its membership since taking over the online dating site, ‘JustSayHi’, in 2008. According to the most recent webstats, the site receives around 125,000 unique hits per months with 23.3% of users being registered in India, 20.8% in the USA and just 3.9% registered in Canada.

The site has suffered some negative press in the past that many of the online profiles are created by the website staff to entice users to interact more. Whilst the management team has admitted that this technique does go on, there is also good anecdotal evidence that the site, in some areas, does work well.

Based on the above stats, there are around 4,875 users registered in Canada. Unfortunately, we don’t know the split in terms of area or dating intention. If you further split this by gender, the maximum split of female to male rations on any dating sites is 50:50, but is more commonly 70:30. So the most amount of Canadian women using the site can be estimated to be between 1,462 and 2,438. Slim pickings or still fair game?  Spread across the major cities there could still be a couple of hundred women in your area looking for a casual encounter. You’ve got to be in it to win it, right?

The Basics

The basic service allows you to search for other registered users either by a basic location search or using some advanced filters, including:

  • Height
  • Body type
  • Marital status
  • Type of relationship they are looking for, including intimate encounter (NSA)

Once you’ve run a search, you can browse the profile of any user who is returned in the results and find out more, make contact or attempt to make a match. By sending a ‘match’ request, it indicates to the other party that someone is interested but doesn’t reveal your details unless she matches with you in return. This is actually quite a cunning way to play the field without having to engage in lots of start-up conversations; matching in area to as many women as possible gives you a strong possibility of being matched with someone. Once you’ve been matched, you get an instant approval without too much build up.

mingle2 match with women for casual sex

You have a few options available about how to connect on Mingle2. Image via website.

What Does Mingle2 Cost?

Initial sign up with Mingle2 is completely free and with your free membership you can access quite a lot of services and facilities including searching for other users, viewing profiles and making contact.

Upgrading your membership opens a lot more of the features and is not a huge outlay; monthly subscription charges start at $5.95 up to $9.95 depending on how long you sign up for. Be aware though that renewal is automatic so you will need to cancel your upgrade in order to prevent the auto-renewal. According to Mingle2, your chances of meeting up with someone is increased by 300% when you upgrade to MinglePlus.

nsa with mingle2 canada

The monthly membership fees are pretty low. Image via website.

What Does MinglePlus Give You?

The company offer you the promise of a 300% boost to your chances of success by boosting your profile ahead of other users in relevant searches; effectively, you get a wing man prepared to push you ahead of the crowd. You can also find out who has liked your profile and decide whether you like them back to determine a mutual match; a bit like Tinder, this can help save time in the contact stages. Your communication methods are also expanded with greater functionality in your online inbox including storage, read reports and traceability on all contact you make. You can also view other users profiles secretly; sort of like stealth research.

What Else Does the Site Offer Other Than NSA Dating?

The Mingle2 community forums are pretty comprehensive and have been archived for several years giving you free access to a huge repository of information. Though most are closed threads on matters best left to remain in the archives, there are still some good posts, ideas, hints and tips available to view and comment on. Current conversations are plentiful and you will find that there are a lot of useful posts being left by other users which may help you in your online quest for NSA fun.

Main Downsides to Mingle2

The user numbers for Canada are low but are at least realistic and don’t over exaggerate the extent to which you are reaching for other members.

However, there is still a hangover from which the company needs to recover in its practice of using fake profiles to draw people in with. Most of these profiles are of super-hot girls who strike up a great potential hook up with you but play too much of the conversation game. This means you have to upgrade and then you are hooked in. Though there are chances of a genuine hook up for NSA serial daters, this kind of activity is just deceptive and makes people suspicious of genuine users.

The site has a lot of advertising which can be distracting and a little confusing at times when it comes to navigating around. Though understandable for a free site, just be careful not to click away from where you want to be.

Lastly, as a free site there are inherent dangers with hooking up with someone you meet online. Though this may not concern you, it does concern women and, as a result, women are less likely to use this service to hook up with a guy for a casual encounter. Fact.

Main Up Sides to Mingle2

It’s free, it’s easy to use, quick to get started with and there is a good chance you might find someone to hook up with for free sex. What else can we say? For the starting price of $0.00, what have you got to lose?

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