XMatch Review: Is It Possible to Get Laid?

XMatch is a popular search phrase for casual dating yet the site consistently receives negative reviews.

With claims like being the ‘largest adult dating site’ and backing this up with a guarantee that’ you will get laid or get three months free’ membership, just how easy is it to get a hook up with XMatch.com

We take a look at why this NSA site receives such bad press and whether there is any truth behind the claims that its member base falls well short of the actual figures.

Who are XMatch.com?

XMatch.com are a part of the Various Inc. brand that also owns sites like Alt.com (a BDSM, kink and fetish hook up site), OutPersonals.com (a global gay dating site) and NoStringsAttached.com (a casual encounters website marketed at discreet extra-marital affairs). The company was founded in 1996 as FriendFinder.com (later changing its name to AdultFriendFinder.com) and is a global super giant when it comes to the social dating scene.

adult friend finder no strings xmatch

Owned by the same company, XMatch.Com and Adult Friend Finder share a lot of similarities.

The site offers users the opportunity to sign up for free to search for other members looking for casual sex. Predominantly marketed towards NSA fun, swingers and online booty calls, XMatch.com offers a simple user interface to create a profile.

What does XMatch.com offer?

XMatch.com offers a simple function to be able to search for users in your area based on a variety of filters from age, body type and sexual preferences to more advanced search features. Free access restricts exactly what detail you can view on each member with paid membership offering users the ability to view member videos and access live amateur cam shows.

You need to upgrade your account to be able to make contact with other users.

There is a community section of the site allowing members to make contact with one another and access online contents, magazine content and even enroll in the online sex academy. Sound familiar? Yep, the hand of the multi-headed, many branded Adult Friend Finder network is obvious across many of the features when you start to get into the detail.

What does membership with XMatch.com cost?

Monthly membership with XMatch.com costs between $15-$35 depending upon how long you sign up for. In addition, you can select the extra add-on features of your account to customize your user experience. Features such as:

  • Adult movies on demand
  • Profile highlight
  • Free members being able to view your account for free

You are also able to contact other member on a one day trial basis.

sexy member videos xmatch

Videos are only available to full paid-up members. Image via XMatch.com

How many users does XMatch.com have?

According to the site, there are 76.4 million active users registered with XMatch.com which is difficult to qualify. The Various Inc network has a massive reach and there is evidence to suggest that the profiles of users on one site are interlinked at some level with their other websites; it would certainly make sense to create a large enough database to satisfy every area of the market rather than competing with yourself.

In the UK, XMatch.com reports member figures are 8.6 million….that’s over 20% of the population aged 20-70! Clearly, the figures are either grossly overstated and/or contain a high proportion of fake profiles.

The online website traffic estimator, SimilarWeb, suggests that the actual number of users to the site is much lower than its user base and that this has been falling in the last 6 months. From October 2016 when unique monthly visitors numbered over 1.1 million, the current monthly stats show figures of just 191,000. 40.97% of this audience comes from the USA and 18.65% from Taiwan with less than 1% originating from Canada or 1,910.

xmatch traffic

Traffic stats for XMatch.com show a steady decline over the last six moths. Image via SimilarWeb.

The other criticism leveled at XMatch.com is over the high number of fake user profiles on the site. This is most evident when you first register and receive an almost instant flurry of contact emails from other users (usually very hot ones) . This despite you not having uploaded a photo, created a full profile and irrespective of the time of day.

How successful is XMatch.com for getting laid?

Given the above numbers, it’s not easy to see exactly how successful XMatch.com has been of late. Certainly, figures in the past as well as some anecdotal evidence suggests that XMatch.com was a good site for getting a casual hook-up but that this may be diminishing.

Is XMatch.com safe?

As part of the Various Inc. group, the site itself is regarded as very safe and as secure as you can expect from such a global corporation.

What’s the verdict on XMatch.com?

As part of the Various Inc. group, XMatch.com is certainly a part of one of the world’s largest online dating database. It’s unclear to what extent each sites user base is interlinked nor how many profiles aren’t genuine.

If we can assume that there is little or no difference in the contacts you will find on XMatch.com or AdultFriendFinder.com then the only thing that sets them apart is which front end interface you prefer using.

Having reviewed several of the branded domains registered by Various Inc, there is not much to separate XMatch.com from AdultFriendFinder.com once you have bypassed the log-in.

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